Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Hello my holiday junkies.  Valentine’s Day is just a few days away but relax there is still  plenty of time to redeem yourself and pick up a little something something for your sweetie.

I visited our local one-stop variety store and noted that they have a great selection just waiting for your approval.  I clicked a few pic’s to get your gift giving juices flowing.  Have at you devil you!

Cheap but always a winner (especially with the kids)  slip in a gift certificate or some cash and you’ll have a real winner.

v candy 1


Certainly on the more extravagant side but might be the ticket especially if you have been in the dog house lately. P.S. gift wrap is free ;o) 

v day 2

Flowers are traditional but you can shake it up a little by purchasing a plant that can be the gift that keeps on giving, year after year. And candy? What woman wouldn’t swoon over a BIG box of chocolates!

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