My name is Mary Hardie

mary small  And I live in Portland, Oregon and simply said, I LOVE TO PARTY!

I enjoy every aspect of a celebration from concept to execution and it is through my journey that I realized the need for a comprehensive blog that could make the ride a little less bumpy.

I think that everyone enjoys a well orchestrated event but what can you do if you don’t have a creative bone in your body?  Simple, just follow my blog and you can find out just how easy and fun it can be to entertain!

Navigate through my site for valuable information on how to design an invitation and create your very own theme party!

At Party Hardie everything is FREE, all my years of experience and ideas are yours for the keeping.  Bookmark and/or save me in your favorites so you can always find your way back!

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Have a lot of fun while learning a thing or two; and don’t be surprised when your next party becomes the talk of the town!