You have chosen a really great theme for your party and now its time to find sources for decorations, service wear and so on.

Start with a theme.  I will choose a theme to better illustrate how to get things started.  How about a Hawaiian Christmas theme this year?  Okay! Lets get started!

I always start with the invitation first and if you have basic computer skills, you can make your own by using Mircosoft word or publisher. Both these programs are fairly easy to use and have the ability to insert a variety of pictures and clip art and you can even insert your own files and pictures if you want to really personalize your invite.  Have fun and be creative you could put a Santa dressed in shorts, flip-flops  and an Hawaiian shirt on the front.  And how cool would it be to have silk petals scented with jasmine to place inside the invite? I have a simple way that I like to use to get the juices flowing…

Start thinking all things Hawaiian.  I like to check out party store web sites for Hawaiian decor and/or interesting theme items that I could incorporate into my chosen theme (Hawaiian Christmas).

A good store to start with that carries quite a variety at reasonable prices is The Oriental Trading Company.  In short I try to use what they have available knowing that they will have some of  the best prices.  Many times you will get spin off ideas when you view their Hawaiian items.  A good example:  I noticed that they had a really nice parasol that had a beautiful floral motif and thought; they could be opened and placed in the corners of the main room with shimmering lights around the edges and one topping the tree!

Here are some other great sources:

Party City

Dollar Tree


Party Spot Online

Party Mart


Celebrate Express

Party Cheap

The Ultimate Party Store

Spencer’s Online

Stumps Party

Party Pro

Home Depot